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Cantine Sant'Ambroeus

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 € 30.0


It's definitely not just a shop, and please don't call it a wine shop: Sant'Ambroeus is a place that begs to be experienced, deeply known, related, it would be too simplistic for Marco Callegaro's concept. Just as wine is not just a bottled liquid. Extremely well-kept selections of labels by natural winemakers, the consistent result of sensitivity to sustainability, but - with intelligence - the choices are not dogmas and therefore there are also wines from regular viticulture still produced in the correct way. Marco has not forgotten that he was a lawyer in his previous professional experience and pours into the current one the value of knowledge of the value behind the stories. This also applies to gastronomy. So whether it is for a glass, to buy or ship bottles, you will still have fed your mind, too.


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