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Caffè Stern

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The fine restaurant by the Alajmo brothers is perfect at any time of the day. Located in a repurposed engraving studio at 47 Passage des Panoramas, in the heart of Paris, Caffè Stern’s rooms are restored by architect Dominique Averland and furnished by Philippe Starck, with period pieces ranging from the XVI to the XVIII century. From well-brewed coffees by Gianni Frasi paired with flaky croissants in the morning, until dinner with chef Denis Mattiuzzi's creative dishes. Among the classics, think of tagliolini with dill, pistachio sauce, lobster, squid and snapper or the quirky cappuccino with ragù alla bolognese. During our last visit, we particularly appreciated the elegant and tasty spaghettoni with smoked butter and caviar. The service is very professional, the wine list impressive. It showcases some very classic labels,  some hard-to-find bottles, with a focus on traditional styles and terroir-driven wines, plus a brilliant by the glass selection. It fully deserves the Villa Sandi Best Contemporary Wine List Award 2022 in Paris.


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