Caffè Commercio

Pasticceria: /80 Servizio: 8 /10
: 8 /10

Caffè Commercio is situated in the province of Venice, in the center of a pretty town along the Brenta river. But its success has less to due with its strategic position than with its complete assortment of quality food, able to meet the tastes and needs of all its customers while also guaranteeing something new every year. Excellent and enticing baked breakfast goods start the day, all different in style, shape and dough: there are veneziane, croissants with berries, danishes with peaches and almonds, and pain au chocolat, just to name a few. Those curious can opt for various breakfast menus, including savory foods. Their petits fours, which center on the classics (enriched by some house creations) are well made. Depending on the period and inspiration, other products also appear, like maritozzi with cream or pistachio, artisanal ice cream in the warmer months, or chocolate eggs during Easter. Their traditional baked cakes and dry biscuits are available year round. Their menus for lunch, happy hour and dinner have been perfected and expanded, demonstrating that it’s a versatile place where you’re always comfortable (thanks to their courteous and efficient service as well).

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  • Outdoor tables
  • Indoor tables
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