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Situated just a stone's throw from Juliet's balcony, Caffè Coloniale is loved by tourists and locals alike, a place with a warm, ethnic style that satisfies at anytime of day, from breakfast to an evening aperitif. There's also a pleasant outdoor dining area. Coffee takes center stage, and customers can choose from six pure Arabica versions or a long list of original creations, such as their Caffè del Maraja (zabaglione, biscotto, cream and cinnamon) or the Caffè dello Sceicco (coffee cream, mascarpone cream and hazelnut). Their hot chocolate and hot custard are also excellent, as are their notable homemade desserts and pastries. On the savory side of things they're just as adept, offering something for every moment, all accompanied by a nice selection of wines and spirits. They also sell chocolate, coffee and niche confectionery items. The "Piccolo Caffè", near the Arena, is perfect for a quick break.


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