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Caffè Alexander

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You'll find this charming little place, decorated in a modern style, just outside the city center. It may be small in size (now there's also an outdoor dining area) but there are some nice surprises. Customers come here for the excellent coffee, one of their strengths (the owners have their own roastery), their outstanding espressos and equally pleasant cappuccinos, which can be tasted in many delicious variations, such as Nocciolato (with dark chocolate and hazelnut powder), the After Eight (made with mint chocolate) or the Amaretto. Their breakfast foods and sweet treats are no less tasty. A wide assortment of small baked goods are flanked by exquisite mini pastries, such as New York cheesecake, pasteis de nata and traditional risini, ricottine or tarts. Their selection of savory foods is also delicious, especially at lunchtime, with dishes of the day, hamburgers or pizzas that can be washed down with select craft beers. Many of their products (foremost coffee) can be bought directly. Well-prepared and courteous staff.


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sabato e domenica
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