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Cafe Milano

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Cafe Milano is one of the city’s leading Italian restaurants: elegant, refined and clientele that hardly skimps on known and well-known faces. A menu that manages to satisfy many who pop in at different times of day and contribute to changing the atmosphere: young and glamorous late in the evening, politicians and businessmen for business lunches, and so on. Often crowded and noisy but the service runs smoothly around dishes that pay homage to Milanese and southern Italian tradition, without overlooking American tastes. The menu includes a classic vitello tonnatogrilled fresh calamari with zucchini and peperoni cruschi, the house-made Tortelli Missoni with pecorino, guanciale and egg or a cotoletta alla milanese. And plenty of pizzas. We want to underline the very good wine list and service, that's why Cafe Milano is our 2019 Contadi Castaldi Best Wine List in Washington. Seat at the counter and carefully choose a wine by the glass among more than 30 options. Tequila & Scotch friendly.


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