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This is Eataly São Paulo's main restaurant. As the name suggests, the cuisine focuses on the grill. Dish interpretations are carried out with mastery and delight by the fine chef of Japanese origin Ligia Karazawa. The lei motif is therefore a quality product whose flavours are exalted by the fire grilling. The bread is baked daily in the wood-fired oven, the pasta dishes feature both dry and fresh types, like the bucatini with sausage, radicchio and sangiovese with a clear call to Tuscany; or the seafood lasagna that's equally baked in the wood-burning oven. Among entrées the best seller is the grilled octopus with potatoes and pumpkin, alongside the seared tuna. Of course, grilled meats are great, such as asado de tira or a super strip loin of black angus. The wine list revolves around the shelf references from Eataly.


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