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Bigati Bar

Average price:
 ₽ 300.0


Wine bars in Moscow are popping up like mushrooms, every week there is a new opening. Among the many visits we made this year, we were particularly impressed by this lively, colourful venue with a vibrant atmosphere. Meanwhile, the prices are more than honest considering the wine mark-ups in Russia, the choice is brilliant. There are two wine lists, the first one essential, the second is very deep, with true enthusiast selections: there is research, love for local wines, courageous choices and is consistently strong offer, both Italian and the selection of excellent French bubbles, as well as other pearls from Old Europe. Oysters, bruschetta and the evening starts well. On weekends the place stays open late, even until 4 am, starting with wine by the glass and ending with serious bottles.


Special awards
Contemporary Wine List Award 2020
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