Pasticceria: /80 Servizio: 8 /10
: 8 /10

One might think that there’s nothing more to write about master pastry chef Luigi Biasetto, yet every year there’s something new. The assortment offered in his shop in Padua is regularly embellished with delectable new additions that always manage to reflect his personal style. Excellent ingredients, harmony with the seasons, technique and perfectionism distinguish each creation, and you can taste the difference, making for an experience that is not just about flavor. Hints and references to the past are hidden behind precise,elegant shapes, meticulously arranged in the display cases of his luxurious shop. In terms of cakes, there’s always a great balance between classics like sbrisolona, tarts and famous creations like the Abbraccio di Venere, Meridiana, Sole Mio and SetteVeli. You can’t leave without trying the mini pastries and macarons, exercises in lightness and sophisticated in their interweaving of flavors. And what about chocolate, a presence that’s bound up with Biasetto’s career? The Criollo and Forestero varieties are transformed into sublime pralines and bars. And then there’s ice cream made to perfection in the summer and enticing new ideas like the baked soufflé with Bronte pistachio (pistachio shortcrust pastry, chocolate cream and a heart of cherry jam). Takeaway and delivery options (they ship throughout the country) include cakes to be completed at home. Their expert service is always ready to offer advice.

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