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With the definitive closure of their shop in the ancient heart of Conegliano, an important chapter in the history of the Battistuzzi family comes to an end. The family have decided to concentrate resources and energy on the management of the shop adjacent to their Mareno di Piave kitchen. A trim, linear style and light tones mean that a pleasant feeling of order and cleanliness prevail. The display counter provides an overview of the daily food on offer: the first section is dedicated to baked breakfast goods, with an enticing range of naturally-leavened pastries. There are at least ten different types of croissants, in addition to the usuals (plain, filled with pure apricot purée, vanilla or chocolate cream), alongside pistachio sticky buns, chocolate and raspberry sweet rolls and braids with almonds. There are twenty or so mini pastries, like the Madagascar (with chocolate and raspberry ganache) or the streusel tart with yogurt and strawberry. Their artisanal assortment of foods includes chocolate creations, fruit jellies, biscuits, tea pastries, modern cakes and "credenza" sweets (they'll keep well in your pantry) that allow you to rediscover ancient flavors. Coffee and a selection of drinks proposed in combination with sweet house specialties can be enjoyed at one of their tables.


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