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This brand new shop, launched by Beatrice Busatta and Alberto Barbiero, brings a breath of fresh air to the city. A small and well-managed space, the style and color of the furniture, decorations and dishes are coordinated and combined into a cheerful and fun mix. A complete assortment of foods spans cakes, single-serving treats, small sweet and savory pastries, croissants, toasted sandwiches, tramezzini and breakfast pastries. These last are beautifully made, uniform in their puffiness and redolent of butter and vanilla. Their good technique is also on display in their mini pastries, especially the excellent tartellette. The version with mango and flambé meringue has a crumbly, tasty crust and fresh, pervasive mango cream complemented by impeccable Italian meringue. The chocolate and salted caramel version features shortcrust pastry with an intense chocolate flavor that pairs nicely with delicious caramel cream. The choux pastry of their cream puffs is perfect. Inside you'll find silky custard or bolder fillings like peanut butter, banana and yuzu. The savory mini pastries, like beer babà with mascarpone and lemon, or pea panna cotta with savory pistachio cake and lemon jam, are original and enticing, even if the low serving temperature penalizes their flavor. The service is still learning the ropes.


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