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Andrea Boscolo's pizzas are among the most popular in the area, and for good reason. The secrets to this talented, young artisan pizza chef's success are varied: long leavening of the dough, captivating combinations, unabashed experimentation. Definitely try the classic versions of his pan pizza, but it's also worth tasting his more whimsical creations, which vary according to the chef's inspiration and the market availability of ingredients. Vegetables feature in the delicious zucchini and sausage pizza, then there are cheese toppings and cured meats, or the always-delicious Margherita (there's also a version topped with fresh buffalo mozzarella). The Quattro Formaggi (four-cheese) pizza is bursting with flavor. They also bake colombe, panettone, as well as delicious, well-made bauletti. Friendly service.


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lunedì; aperto solo la sera
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