Antica Osteria del Mirasole con Locanda

price/quality ratio: medio
Average Price: € 45  

Editor’s choice. This is where the best tortellini with heavy cream in the world can be had. We are in one of the most beloved bastions of the everyday, true and radical culinary tradition. The trait that distinguishes Franco Cimini is the authenticity of flavours coming from excellent ingrendients (Parmigiano Reggiano, butter, ricotta, double cream, beef and pork, all from a certified supply chain). Theses are mostly supplied by the family farm. Starters are already great with a stellar round of cured meats, with fresh ricotta and then with offal: fried brains, onion gratin filled with rabbit livers, veal sweetbreads glazed with their jus (perfect). Among the pastas, the house specialties are many, starting from the tagliatelle with courtyard ragout, the delicious tortellini with double cream, green nettle lasagna with ancient Bolognese sauce or the creamy risotto are true stand outs. Going further, the meat cooked on the burning embers of the open fireplace (pork chops with its crackling, Florentine steak and much more). Sweet endings in substance include crème caramel, hot zabaglione with shortcrust biscuits and pastry cream gelato drowned in Centerba bitter. The wine list is not very wide but just and fun for the choice of the best combinations with the dishes. Anna and Riccardo, furthermore, animate the dining room and give advice to guests with competence, courtesy and familiarity. The osteria is also an inn and with a well-kept summer garden.


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