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What was once a warehouse for German goods in Venice has been born again into an elegant department store, ennobled by the keen entrepreneurship skills of the Alajmo family. The café dominates the lobby. Here coffee, made with freshly ground Arabica beans from Gianni Frasi's Giamaica roastery, has a place of honor. From morning to evening, the food on offer varies, starting with baked breakfast goods (some of the best in town), biscuits and chocolate. Then there's a lunch break with innovative and sophisticated dishes or a light meal. Among the snacks on offer, don't miss out on their steamed pizzas (by now a must), the AMO Burger, fried pizza and mortadella, tramezzini sandwiches and savory pies. Teas, infusions and homemade fresh fruit juices complete the picture. Aperitif time brings the focus to the bar and to the skilled hands of their manager (from the Lucas Kelm group), with cocktails that pay homage to the Spritz in multiple variations (the signature Alajmo is made with Barbaresco chinato) and of course the obligatory classics. Finally, on the top floor, there's a space usually dedicated to temporary exhibitions and events as well as a magnificent terrace overlooking the Rialto bridge and Grand Canal.


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