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With over a century of history behind it, this is one of the Ampezzo Valley's most prominent pastry shops. Classic and contemporary coexist beautifully in Massimo Alverà's kitchen. The passionate, expert pastry chef authors creations firmly rooted in tradition yet characterized by an inexhaustible drive towards innovation, Technique and carefully selected ingredients come together for a worthy assortment that encompasses both sweet and savory foods. The neatly arranged and enticing display starts with a procession of mini pastries (more than twenty different kinds offered year round). Then there are the creamy single-serving sweets, like the delicate millefeuille and pie with raspberries and Chantilly cream. A stop for breakfast, when the window is filled with myriad naturally-leavened delicacies, is recommended: croissants (plain, wholemeal, Parisian, filled with cream or jam), krapfen donuts, veneziane, orange and almond braids, kranz with raisins and candied fruit. Alternatively, choose from a range of delicious baked sweets, from pasticciotti to tarts (there are also gluten and lactose-free options, like carrot cake). The counter finishes with bread and savory snacks. If you want to delve into local flavors, try the puccia with butter and speck. Aesthetic sense and excellent ingredients also guide the rest of their offering. Elegant and well-kept atmosphere. Punctual service.


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lunedì; sempre aperto in alta stagione
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