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Villa dei Cedri is the name of the 19th-century building, surrounded by a beautiful park, situated right in front of Massimo Carnio's pastry shop. A professional driven by curiosity and a desire to put himself to the test, he always manages to bring new life to the family business in a process of continuous improvement. This is how a quality, dynamic and interesting repertoire that moves on several fronts came to be. The shop, which features a new outdoor dining area, is a good stop for a first-rate breakfast thanks to over 15 types of artisan baked goods all arranged in the display case in front of the café section. From the chocolate fagottino to focaccine topped with delicious creams, from the gourmand croissant with almond and lemon to more classic versions, there is something for everyone. Their commendable assortment of fresh pastries features dozens of miniature and single-serving sweets arranged with meticulous care. When it comes to their modern cakes, you can see the technique and inventiveness. Recent creations include the Made in Italy (a tribute to tricolor craftsmanship), a bavarois with Bronte pistachio, Tahitian vanilla mousse, raspberry namelaka and lemon biscuit. Their traditional desserts and the Italian holiday classics are also worth mentioning. The kitchen excels in the art of chocolate and ice cream (in summer), two areas in which Carnio has been recognized internationally.


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