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Al Tiramisù

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Tiramisu is one of those restaurants where the personality of the chef stands out above everything else. There would be no Tiramisu without the volcanic, romantic verve of Luigi Diotiaiuti, who landed in Washington twenty-five years ago. Luigi was born on a farm in the countryside of Lagonegro, a true ambassador for the Lucania zone. The restaurant, located near Dupont Circle, 300 meters from the World Monetary Fund and the World Bank, offers top quality cucina, using ingredients imported directly from Italy. Contact with producers is important for Luigi. He returns to Italy every year to accompany Lucanian shepherds in their biannual transhumance, the moving of their herds between summer and winter pastures. Tiramisu is a temple to pasta, presented in a satisfying array of guises. We strongly suggest the housemade fettuccine with veal ragù and the caciocavallo cheese and chard ravioli served with butter and sage. The daily selection of whole grilled fish or meat is definetely worth it, in our last visit we also a very well cooked lamb. Tiramisu’s wine list is wide-ranging and deep.


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