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Al Porto

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giovedì;in estate giovedì mattina


A celebrated café situated at the entrance to the historic center (along the promenade and in front of the lake), Al Porto offers excellent service throughout the day. Breakfast is a good time for a break: espresso and cappuccinos are well prepared and accompanied by quality croissants, filled with your choice of jam, chocolate, cream and pistachio (there's also the vegetarian version with honey). Their valid lunch break includes bruschetta, wraps and tasty sandwiches made at the moment—but their strong point here is undoubtedly their aperitif. There are plenty of appetizers, all from the oven. Nibble on their classic hot morsels while sipping a beer or wine from their nice selection, or a well-made cocktail (the non-alcoholic versions with fresh fruit, like the Il Porto with strawberry, melon, pineapple, lime, orange and pineapple, are especially good).


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giovedì;in estate giovedì mattina
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