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50 Kalò London di Ciro Salvo

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Open Daily for lunch and dinner
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 £ 25.0


Once again this pizzeria confirms to be top notch in the London scene where diners can rediscover the flavors of the city of origin. Tradition and high-quality ingredients manage to convey an excellent Neapolitan-style pizza. However, the success of this place is also due to a close-knit team and deep knowledge of pizza art. Crocchè and Montanare are an unmissable starter of the meal. Among the pizzas we recommend the Margherita with our eyes closed, a true signature pizza that bears the signature of Ciro Salvo and combines simplicity with a crazy tasty bite and the Nerano with zucchini cream, fior di latte, fried zucchini cubes, provolone del monaco and fresh mint.


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Open Daily for lunch and dinner
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