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50 Kalò London di Ciro Salvo

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 £ 25.0


Ciro Salvo didn't just bring his name abroad. In his London branch there is all the professional approach, perseverance and skill. Everything faithfully brings back to the place of origin, to the traditional flavours, to the sensibility and dexterity of a great Neapolitan pizza artist. The ingredients, excellent, are the same as the parent company, a super-tested and well-trained team, a perfect mix. The pasta omelette starter is simply magical, it totally eliminates the distance between Naples and London, not least the delicious fried calzone stuffed with ricotta and pork cracklings. His Margherita is the Margherita we always want to find. The wine list shows a fair depth, with different notable labels, attentive and professional service.


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