50 Kalò London di Ciro Salvo

Average Price: £ 25  

Let’s start with the pasta frittatina which, at less than 4 pounds a portion, represents a quality-price appetizer like none other in the city, totally eliminating the distance between Naples and London. In fact, the standard levels of Ciro Salvo’s London pizzeria are impressive, we found a very rare case in which the foreign branch faithfully represents the spirit, the flavours, both in the raw materials and in the execution, of the place of origin in Italy. The fried calzone with ricotta and pork cracklings is just as delicious, the dough for the crust is highly hydrated, soft and rhythmic to the bite, the Margherita is simply perfect. The wine cellar is also of a high standard with a nice selection of artisan beers and Italian labels.

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