50 Kalò London di Ciro Salvo

Average Price: £ 25  

We are convinced that the amazing fried pasta omelette offered among the appetizers is one of the most delicious experiences to try in London (not to mention the value for money), followed closely by the fried calzone to be shared with a friend. Once satisfied the first basic instincts, we can move on to a pizza margherita that should be used in training centers as a model of Neapolitan pizza in its best version: high hydration, no extreme crust, simply well outlined and in relief around the edge, intense and fragrant tomato and olive oil. The ingredients used are of the highest quality, directly imported, the rest is Ciro Salvo’s serious commitment, third generation of Neapolitan pizza chefs, who unlike many colleagues has never compromised and has shown in this first foreign opening that he wants to put face, palate and knowledge in his pies. It’s also possible to drink well thanks to a valid wine list, from Campania and beyond. No reservations, but rather wait your turn in religious silence.

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