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Curator: Lorenzo Ruggeri

Ruggeri is a Roman journalist with Sicilian roots from the Etna area, at the helm of the international content of Gambero Rosso. The last 5 years of his life were spent in the kitchens of Italian restaurants abroad. He is selective, curious, having visited a whopping 300 restaurants per year. Since 2009 he is also the youngest taster in the Italian Wine Guide. Among his passions in no particular order are: pizza, oolong tea, artichokes, anchovies, hats, tomatoes, friggitelli, sea urchins, pepper and artisanal wines.

Co-editor: Giuseppe Carrus

Born in Sardinia, Giuseppe is a sommelier and a food&wine writer who travels Italy and the world to discover wines, cellars and territories. He’s the junior editor of the Gambero Rosso Vini d'Italia guide. He holds several collaborations, both in food guides and Gambero Rosso Academy, where he teaches techniques and methods for wine and food tasting.

Basic criteria

Our compass is Italian flavour. This translates to quality and freshness of ingredients, being respectful of cooking single ingredients, cleanliness of flavours, apt combinations, and an exquisitely Italian creativity. No Italian cum grano salis would ever dream of revisiting carbonara with heavy cream or overdressing a vegetable that is already very tasty on its own. Important aspects in the evaluation of the venues are also the service and the menu (we have seen it all). Great attention is paid to the wine offer: we are convinced that a true Italian experience cannot exist without a fine glass of wine, the result of research and passion, on the table.

Awards Legend

The evaluations used are based on the classic Gambero Rosso rating, from one to a maximum of three, divided into 4 categories.


"Forks" are bestowed to fine dining restaurants, with adequate service, menu and ambiance, both in the more creative and more traditional cuisine.


"Slices" go to Italian pizzerias, whether they be Neapolitan-style, whose pies have a thick and fluffy crust, and selected ingredients of protected origin, or Roman, therefore light and crisp, or gourmet.


"Bottles" go to wine bars and exceptional Italian wine collections, with great attention to by-the-glass offers, as well as drawing brilliant and incisive wine lists.
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