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Wild herbs Stringozzi


In brief

Total: 20 min
Preparation: 10 min
Cook: 10 min
Recipe of

Ingredients for 4 people

1 bouquet of mixed field herbs; Extra virgin oil; 1 clove of red garlic; Flavoured chilli Two steaks of Alici in oil. For the squeezers: 2 cups of flour 0 (approximately 200 g); About half a glass of water 1 pinch of salt


Field grasses, washed, cleaned of the leathery parts and ready to be cooked. We put a generous amount of oil in a copper pot, along with a crushed red garlic peck. Add some of the chilli concoction and the anchovies in oil and fry. As soon as the bottom is soft, we throw in the herbs. Never boil anything, boiling means throwing all the substances of these fantastic herbs into the water. Just cover with a lid, 6/7 minutes of soaking and the base of our dish will be ready. Meanwhile, let's prepare the pasta. Stringozzi are the size of spaghetti, in Tuscany they are called pici: it is the simplest pasta, poor and fun to make. We form the classic fountain with two cups of flour, we pour a little water in it, two grains of coarse salt and begin to knead. We add the water a little at a time, the dough is enriched slowly, while we work it begins to take its elasticity, it changes color. When the dough no longer splits, it is well kneaded. We cut off a few pieces and give them an elongated shape. Then we begin to patiently roll, with our hands, to make the spaghetti long and round.The name “strillozzi” comes from the string that was used to tie shoes. A handful of coarse salt in the boiling water, cook the stringozzi for five minutes and drain them directly into the field herbs. By stirring, the pasta and the vegetables combine exceptionally well, all the aromatic part of the vegetables are absorbed by the stringozzo.

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