White cabbage salad

In brief

Chef: Giorgione
Difficulty;: Easy
Course: Appetizers
Recipe of: Vegetables and Side Dishes


for 2 people

1/4 of Cabbage, Red wine Vinegar, Oil, Big salt, Cumin, Pepper


We cut a quarter of cabbage, removing the toughest outer part, and slicing it as finely as possible. We make a creamy vinaigrette, stirring with a whip of red wine vinegar, oil and a few grains of coarse salt. Let’s add a pinch of cumin on our white cabbage fettuccine: cumin has a special aroma, I learned this recipe in Val Pusteria, and I assure you it makes a difference. One grind of pepper and we’ll drop the vinaigrette on top of it. We mix and let it rest for half an hour at room temperature.

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