Venetian veal liver

In brief

Chef: Max Mariola
Difficulty;: Medium
Total time: 50 minPreparation: 25 minCooking: 25 min
Recipe of: Veal
Region: Veneto


for 2 people

Butter, parsley, Onion Liver Bread Sale Pepe Brodo Extra virgin olive oil


Start from the onions (abundant in this recipe), clean them and cut thinly (by hand or with robotic tools), remove the bud from the inside. Then take a saucepan and add some butter, soak it with extra virgin olive oil. Take the parsley and chopp it up. Pour the onions into the pan once the butter is melted. Add the parsley and cook over a moderate heat. Now for the side dish “fried bread in butter”, put some butter in another pan and prepare the bread by cutting it into slices. Then fry the bread. Now prepare the veal liver: remove the skin and then cut it into slices or slats. Add the liver to the onions. Once the liver has been added, pour in some broth, salt and pepper. Once cooked, serve with fried bread in butter.

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