Stuffed fried calzones

In brief

Chef: Giorgione
Difficulty;: for experts
Total time: 30 minPreparation: 15 minCooking: 15 min
Recipe of: Classics


for 4 people

Mixed sausages, Mozzarella, Moraiolo oil, Butter, Red onion of Cannara, Lemon


We use the funds of the sausages. Take a pig’s gut and a pork belly salad, a little capocollo and a little finocchiona. Cut also some wild boar mortadella and some sausages. Cut all the sausages into small pieces. Take a pan and add in a generous amount of butter and a drop of moraiolo oil. Also add a red onion of Cannara and the cold sausages. You do not need to cook much because these ingredients are already partially cooked. Now take the pastry of the already leavened pizza and go spread it, neither too thin nor too thick. After that make a side edge put in the calzone mozzarella, not too fresh otherwise it gets too wet. A handful of lemon skin. Take the dressing from the pan, draining the fat, and put it in the calzone. Then close the calzone and fry them.

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