Snapper in crazy water

In brief

Chef: Giorgione
Difficulty;: Medium
Recipe of: Fish


for 4 people

1 Snapper, Cherry tomatoes, Salt, Chili pepper, 1-2 clove of garlic, Fruity oil, Water, White wine



Clean the snapper and rinse it, then place it in baking tray. Get the water boiling. First of all let’s peck one garlic clove, just one, two if they are little ones. Take off the booty. Then place it in the snapper’s belly along with one big hand of salt. Then we’ll put a little tuft of parsley and a whole chili pepper inside. Don’t break the chili because otherwise it gets too spicy. Add 3 whole cherry tomatoes inside the belly. Grease with a medium fruity oil not too fruity. Add a little salt outside. Take other cherry tomatoes, cut them and place them on the snapper covering the whole belly. Line them up like soldiers. A little bit of salt on the top of the tomatoes. Another drop of oil, because we also have to wet the skin of the tomatoes. Add the boiling water without washing the fish, just on the bottom. Add a bit of dry white wine (grechetto). The fish is ready to cook for about an hour and a half – an hour and three quarters.

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