Sambenedettese broth

In brief

Chef: Max Mariola
Difficulty;: for experts
Total time: 90 minPreparation: 45 minCooking: 45 min
Recipe of: Soup
Region: Marche


for 4 people

Green tomatoes, Onion, Yellow pepper, Red pepper, Chilli, Vinegar, Wine, Toasted bread, Cuttlefly, Octopus, Scorpus, Toadtail, Rombi, Palombo, Sole


Let's start with the cuttlefish. Remove the bone, without breaking the sac inside the cuttlefish. Remove the entrails. Skin the cuttlefish under running water. Proceed with the tentacles: remove the tooth, make an incision under the eyes and remove them. Proceed with the octopus, directly under the water. Turn the head over and then make an incision under the eyes to remove them. Then turn the octopus over and remove the tooth. Now take the onion, clean it, remove the sprout, then chop it. Put the onion in the pan and pour in some extra virgin olive oil. Add the chili. Now take the octopus and divide it into 4 parts and do the same with the cuttlefish. Start browning the toughest pieces that require more cooking (cuttlefish and octopus). Add some wine. Meanwhile, prepare the other fish. The scorpion fish (remove the spines very carefully) cut it into slices. The monkfish, skin it, if it is big: fillet it (if small cut it into slices). When the wine has evaporated add the vinegar to the pan, the cut up peppers (half yellow half red), the cut up tomatoes. Turn it over. Now arrange the fish in the pan: the redfish, the monkfish. Move on to cleaning the turbot, filleting it and adding it to the pan. Finally, clean and rinse the sole, cut it into slices and add to the pan. Cover the pan with the lid and wait about 15 minutes and then let it sit for another 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, prepare a broth with the fish scraps. After half an hour, plate the various types of fish with the vegetables and add the broth.

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