Take a piece of the liver, cut it into slices and then into slats. Put the liver in a bowl and add crumbled bread, bacon or lard in cubes, chopped parsley and a clove of crushed garlic. Wet the mixture with a drop of milk. Work the ingredients. Take an egg, beat it and add salt and pepper. Set aside the bowl with the filling. 
Let’s move on to the pig meat: cut off the excess fat from the slices. Then place the slices between two squares of cleanwrap and beat the meat. While you’re beating, pull it. Once you beat all the slices of pork, start stuffing the slices with the filling prepared earlier. Roll the slices and cut the excess meat. Use toothpicks to keep the rolls closed. Now turn on the heat, and in a clean pan pour some extra virgin olive oil. Take a whole clove of garlic, squash it, and place it inside the pan. Start browning the rolls. Add some parsley stalks and also the leftover meat scraps, for more flavour. Now add some wine. Once the wine has evaporated lower the heat and leave for 30 minutes (never leave the rolls dry because otherwise the meat will become choky). Once cooked, remove the toothpicks and serve.