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Pork loin


In brief

Total: 40 min
Preparation: 20 min
Cook: 20 min
Recipe of

Ingredients for 4 people

7-8 hects of pork loin, Sweet Paprika, Salt coarse, 1 Celery rib, 1 Carrot, 1 Red Onion of Cannara, 1 Junberry Berry, Some leaves of Sage, 1 bunch of wild Fennel, 2 glasses of extra virgin Olive oil, 2 glasses of dry white Wine, 1 tablespoon of whipped Lard


I like to cook meat with aromatic herbs, it has that extra touch that makes me think of spring, my garden, the scents of sunny days. Let’s start by tying the spine with the kitchen twine. Made our compact roll, we spread sweet paprika and coarse salt on it. Now we give it a heat shock and place it in a baking tray on baking paper, without added oil or grease, to bake it in a boiling oven (at the maximum, about 250°/300°). After 20 minutes we add the carrot, the peeled red onion, the celery, a juniper berry (only one) and our aromatic herbs in the baking pan. We sprinkle the piece of meat with a generous dose of oil and then we flake on the top some lard. Cook another 10 minutes, then add the white wine and bake again, until it is cooked (it will take another 20 minutes). We take it out, we run the edge on a chopping board and let it cool. Once chilled, we sliced and serve it, we make it "chic" for once, accompanying it with the well-moiled and heated cooking stock.

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