Milanese-style asparagus

In brief

Chef: Max Mariola
Difficulty;: Easy
Total time: 20 minPreparation: 10 minCooking: 10 min
Recipe of: Vegetables and Side Dishes
Region: Lombardy


for 1 people

Asparagus, Eggs, Butter, Parmesan


Let’s start with asparagus: differentiate them by size and group them together. Then ripen them by rippling them and cut the base harder so that they are all the same length. Then take a twine and tie them in a bunch and then put them in boiling water. Use a narrow and wide pan and soak them with the tip of the artichoke out of the cooking water to cook with steam. The artichokes will cook for about 5 minutes. In the meantime, prepare the egg in the pan: put a lot of butter in a pan, when it will froth, add the egg. Finally serve the asparagus with the egg on top.

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