Lagane with beans

In brief

Chef: Max Mariola
Difficulty;: Medium
Recipe of: Fresh Pasta
Region: Basilicata


for 4 people

Durum wheat flour, Chilli or dried or fresh, Garlic, Lard, Cooked borlotti beans



We start with the pasta: we take the durum wheat flour, and we make a fountain on a wooden top. Then we take the water, pour it in a frying pan and heat it slightly. Mix first with the fork pouring the warm water inside and then pass to massage with your hands the dough. Put the dough to rest, covering it with a clean wrap or a floured cloth. After it has rested start to spread the dough, use the rolling pin and a wooden top (if you have a steel work table take a wooden shelf) or marble top. Give it a circular and thin shape. Wrap in half and cut wide lagane (like fettuccine). Now boil the pasta and add the coarse salt to the water. For the sauce: lard in a pan and add two chilli peppers (fresh or powdered) and a garlic beak. Remove the sauce from the heat and remove the garlic from it. Take a bowl and put in the beans drained from the cooking water (borlotti beans), the sauce and the drained lagane.

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