In brief

Chef: Giorgione
Difficulty;: Medium
Total time: 20 minPreparation: 10 minCooking: 10 min
Recipe of: Beef


for 2 people

Roman Broccoli, Intense oil, Garlic, 1 Anchovy, 1 chilli, 3 p. c. of Picana, 3 slices of pork cheek, Bread loaf, Mustard, Cream of pears, Raspberry cream, Cream of figs, Horseradish


Split the Roman broccoli in half and remove the tutulum. Take a frying pan and pour in intense oil and add: an anchovy, a garlic beak and a chili pepper (removing the head). Then take the tops of the Roman broccoli and add it to a pan, raw and then put the pan on the fire. Take 3 slices of pork cheek, very different from bacon. Then take the picana and cut 3 pc. , then beat the meat (do not use the grinder that spoils the meat). When the burger is formed, put it in a pan and make a circular motion to create a natural stopper. Now let’s make the bread, get a fresh bread big enough to get the whole burger in. Remove the crust and spread inside the crumb: some mustard, pear and figs cream and raspberries cream, finally a bit of radish without exaggerating. Dose well the various creams spread in the empty bread. Now take the burger and slide it into the bread and then manually slip the Roman broccoli.

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