In a small bowl mix a pinch of coarse salt, pepper, a piece of orange zest and half a slice of lard beaten and reduced to a cream. With this stuffing we spread the inside of the guinea fowl. We cut a slice of orange and stick it in. We season the outside, patting the skin with salt and pepper. We cut a black Umbrian truffle into strips: half of it we insert immediately into the internal stuffing. Place the guinea fowl on a sheet of foil, cover the leaner parts (breast, legs and neck) with another half slice of lard cut into strips and the remaining truffle. A good purée of oil, a leaf of sage, a rosemary floret and wrap it up well, the vapours must not escape. Away in an ovenproof dish, bake at 200° degrees for about 45 minutes. When our beast is cooked, we unwrap it, remove the thighs, slice the breast, serve with the cooking juices, orange and truffle and enjoy!