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Fennel and pig's trotter salad


In brief

Total: 10 min
Preparation: 5 min
Cook: 5 min

Ingredients for 2 people

1 Fennel, 1 Orange, 1 handful of black olives, Big salt, Black pepper, Extra virgin olive oil, 1 Pow’s trotters


We remove the tougher parts of the fennel and slice it. Then we cut into thin slices an orange, possibly untreated, since we use it with all the peel. We put the two ingredients in a bowl, add black olives, a little salt, pepper, a generous dose of our oil and, while the base is seasoned, we deal with the pig's trotter, which has already boiled for an hour in water and salt. Drain and peel it, remove the bone, chop it up and pour the pieces into the bowl. Let's mix it up. We make sure that at the end the orange slices are on the surface, so they also act as an aromatic insulator. After a half hour of general seasoning, the dish is ready.

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