Cereal soup with chicory and bietoline

In brief

Chef: Giorgione
Difficulty;: Medium
Recipe of: Soup


for 4 people

1 handful of Barley, 1 handful of Spelt, 1 Chicory, 1 head of Bietolina, 1 Cannara onion, 1 slice of lard Extra virgin olive oil, White wine, Coarse salt, Dried chilli, 1 l of vegetable broth


Let's get the cereal base ready. . . do we want to give this concoction some flavor or not? Then we make a beaten with lard, we mince the onion and we throw everything in a drop of oil. In order to make the bottom brown, without burning, we give a very light dash of white wine. As soon as the alcohol evaporates, we add the barley and spelt and begin the so-called splinting. When they change colour it's time to add the broth: the first ladle will be used to lower the temperature, we add a pinch of salt and a pinch of chilli pepper. Now we put two or three ladles of broth to cover, meanwhile we take chicory and chard, cleaned and chopped at the best way. We add the herbs to the grains, another ladle of broth, a little more salt and let the vegetables float intact. Cover and let it cook for about twenty minutes. When the cooking is over, we serve it on a plate, add a little raw oil and see how it is.

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