Caponata (Giorgione-style)

In brief

Chef: Giorgione
Difficulty;: Medium
Course: Appetizers
Recipe of: Vegetables and Side Dishes
Region: Sicily


for 2 people

1 Pepper; 1 Aubergine; 1 Zucchini; Oil; Garlic; Onion; Mint; chili peppers; White wine; Capers; Salt; Pepe; Magjoran


Peppers, zucchini and eggplant: with the lions of summer we make a caponata. The secret? Cook the vegetables separately. Brown a diced red pepper with oil, onion, chilli, capers and salt. Fizz with white wine and let it cook. Other pan: we fry an eggplant with oil, garlic and a little mint. Last: fry 1 zucchini, reduced to squares, with oil, onion, salt, pepper and marjoram. When the cooking is finished, add the peppers and zucchini to the eggplant. Let's let it cool down.

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