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Butter maltagliati


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Ingredients for 4 people

Oil, Wine, Water, Butter, Sage, Pepper, Coarse salt, Purple sage



Get two bowls and pour in one type 1 flour and in the other whole wheat flour in large doses. We put inside the dough a little of coarse salt. Pour down a generous dose of oil, the recipe uses a dop of Monti Martani oil, aromatic, because it binds well with the flour. Add wine and a small amount of water and see what happens, eventually add more. Firstly mix quietly with a spoon then start with your hands pulling everything down. The palm of the hand decides how much flour you need, because that's where you can feel the moisture. Make a ball and slap it to draw all the moisture outside the dough so it will compact well and become smooth. Now cut it up to do the pasta. Put some flour on the dough. First, lay it down with your hands and then roll it out. Add a generous amount of flour, roll it in, and then cut the rolled dough from one end to the other doing the maltagliati. Maltagliati don’t have to be perfect as the name says they are badly cut. Grab a pan and add hot water, has to be really hot. Then add butter, just a corner of the size of a nut or coconut, it’s on you. Add purple sage leaves, then grind on it a bit of pepper, which is not necessary but helps. Once the pasta is cooked, drain it, turn off the stove and toss the maltagliati in the pan.

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