Baked Chioggia Red Radicchio

In brief

Chef: Giorgione
Difficulty;: Easy
Total time: 10 minPreparation: 5 minCooking: 5 min
Course: Side Dishes
Recipe of: Vegetables and Side Dishes
Region: Umbria


for 4 people

2 tufts of Chioggia radicchio, 3 Anchles in oil, 1 tablespoon of Capperi in salt, Dried chilli, 1 clove of red garlic, Extra virgin olive oil


We use the Chioggia red lettuce, it is the classic long red lettuce, an extraordinary plant because it remains completely compact: it bakes well. We take out the hardest parts, split the plant in two halves, place them in the baking dish and enrich them with a small beating. Anchovies in oil that must give the flavor without covering, desalted capers, a pinch of chilli, a nice red garlic. There’s no need for any particular equipment, it’s got to be a rough chop. Let’s take the beaten and spread it over the red lettuce. Finally, a little bit of extra virgin Umbrian oil, a Moraiolo, is the crowning of this recipe.Bake the red lettuce at 180° for 20 minutes (wait until it is well softened). When it is ready, take it out of the oven – it must be perfectly ill-fated, not burned!

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