Zarotti, also known as “those anchovy guys”, is among Italy’s leading brands in the field of canned fish. In 1993, Zarotti was bought by a family from San Marco di Castellabate, the Scerminos, who already owned a plant that operated in the sector. Their logistical center is in Parma (administration, sales, marketing, distribution). Production still occurs along the Cilento coast in a modern plant equipped with the latest technology. All phases of production are subject to strict controls, from fishing to final sale. In keeping with a strategy of delocalizing production, they’ve opened plants in Albania and Morocco. Their selection mostly centers on anchovies and tuna, both of which are processed in the place where they are caught, and sold in a variety of formats, including a organic line and their Mar Cantabrico (anchovies), packed in glass or in cans. Zarotti is certified IFS (International Food Standard) and “Friend of the Sea”.

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