Valsoia is a reassuringly constant presence among Italian food manufacturers. For years it has been at the forefront in terms of quality and identifying new products capable of satisfying the increasingly health-conscious tastes of consumers. It has made a name for itself by choosing quality ingredients, using top-notch technology and offering a variety of products. They manage four brands of products, starting with Valsoia (, which offers a wide range of plant-based products, including desserts and ice creams. Next there’s Naturattiva (, with its line of soy and rice products. Then there’s Santa Rosa (, which has dealt in high quality preserves and fresh sorbets since 1968. Finally, there’s Pomodorissimo (, a line of fragrant tomato sauces, available in classic or chunky varieties, and even fat-free. They also work with Weetabix, distributing their healthy cereal and grain breakfast products.

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