Founded in 1969, Sterilgarda is a leader in Italy and abroad in the dairy/cheese sector, in particular when it comes to mascarpone (producing 90 tons daily) and ricotta (15 tons daily). Even if it’s a SpA, with its own brand and a large-scale distribution network, their mascarpone can compete with artisanal varieties. It has a high percentage of fat (more than 35%) and it’s made with Italian cream, making it a primary product and not one derived from additional dairy processing. It’s an achievement made possible thanks to a winning mix of innovation, technology and research. In addition to mascarpone and ricotta, Sterilgarda produces fresh and long-life milk, whipping cream and double cream, yogurt and stracchino, béchamel and desserts (puddings, sweet creams and panna cotta), fruit juices, drinks and tomato purees. They also produce lactose-free products for those with intolerances.

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