In Cremona, Enea Sperlari opened a shop for artisanal production and sale of typical traditional local specialities: nougat and fruit relish. That was in 1836 and the products were a huge success, so by the end of the century the Sperlari brand had even gone overseas, reaching numerous Italian communities. In 1950 its range of products extended to include sweets and turned them into an outright cult object. In the 1960s the Sperlari gift pack was launched, an appealing casket of sweets that was a great alternative to the classic box of chocolates: in just one year 8,000,000 were sold. Today Sperlari is a Cloetta Italia srl brand and is a leader in the markets of nougat bars, bite-size nougats, pralines, fruit relish and, of course, sweets.

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