In the heart of the medieval town of Ponente Ligure, you’ll find Sommariva, the producer founded by Domenico Sommariva in 1915. In addition to fine extra-virgin olive oil (including aromatized varieties), there are salts, vinegars, various types of pasta, a line of cosmetic products, spices and herbs. Indeed, they offer a wide range of products: Genoese pesto (there’s also organic, without garlic, vegan and with PDO basil), red and dill pesto, vegetable cream sauces (arugula, tomatoes and artichokes), walnut sauce, delicious bottled produce (dried tomatoes and seeds, grilled artichokes and peppers, mixed vegetables, tomino cheese, seasoned lard, capers in vinegar or salt, sardines and tuna) and treats, including Italian peppers stuffed with tuna or anchovies and capers. Their 400 square meter museum is worth a visit. Here you can learn about olive oil history and culture, but there’s also modern art, from painting to sculpture all the way to photography and works of literature.

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