Selezione Casillo

Boosted by sixty years of experience in the industry, the Casillo Group has become a leader in wheat processing and sales. With the help of their president, Francesco Casillo, the firm has set itself apart for innovating and experimenting with new processing techniques, for its tightly regulated operations, the transparency and traceability of the ingredients used and the care it takes in securing its facilities. All this guarantees consistent (and consistently high) standards of quality, despite the high volumes of flour produced and sold. And there are many types (including stone ground varieties, multi-grain and a ‘signature’ series promoted by famous chefs), varieties for home use and for professionals, all adapted to specific needs, from bread to pasta, pizza, focaccia, sweets and even for batters. Tomato sauces are also sold, as well as pre-cooked, semolina couscous. During the year they organize courses for food lovers and professionals.

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