Founded in 1936 by Francesco Vitaloni, San Carlo snacks just celebrated their 80 year anniversary. Once just a simple deli, they became famous for their crunchy potato chips, a product they now produce 100 tons of every day. And with production volumes that high, they’re able to guarantee quality standards that are the envy of the industry. Their ‘classic’ potato chip is still at the top, but they’ve been able to adapt to the times, offering a ‘light’ version as well as a special anniversary variety. They offer a range of snacks: peanuts and peanut-based snacks, pistachios, crackers and rice crackers, potato sticks, dried and toasted seeds. And on the bread front there’s sliced bread (available in a variety of flavors), buns, flat bread, melba toast, breadsticks, croutons and bread crumbs.

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