San Bernardo

The Fonti S. Bernardo company was set up in 1926 and immediately bottled in glass at Garessio, province of Cuneo, and in 1991 also at Ormea. Known since antiquity as miraculous water with therapeutic properties, it is particularly light. The glass bottle was the only container until 1982, when the first PET bottle was produced. The range was then renewed with the 75cl returnable glass bottle, taking the first step for restyling the entire range, which now includes a 100cl returnable glass bottle for catering, door-to-door 50cl for restaurants of first and second level, 33cl returnable and disposable glass bottle for restaurants and coffee bars, all in the natural, slightly sparkling or sparkling versions. In 2012, a 50cl PET bottle was launched for San Bernardo Sorgente Rocciaviva. In April 2015, the company was sold by the Montecristo group.

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