San Benedetto

San Benedetto was set up in 1956, at Scorzè in the province of Venice, to bottle mineral water in glass. In the late 1970s, it used innovative disposable glass, but in the 1980s was the first Italian company in the industry to launch PET containers. During that decade San Benedetto also signed two agreements, one with Cadbury Schweppes International and another with Pepsi Co. International, to manufacture and market for Italy the Schweppes product range and the Pepsi and Seven Up brands respectively. A new plant opened in Popoli, province of Pescara. From the late 1990s, new companies arrived and various agreements were signed. As time passed, the company leaned increasingly towards sustainability and in 2012 came the new Eco Green line of regenerated plastic bottles. Mineral waters, infused waters, fruit-based beverages, cold tea, soft drinks, sports drinks, and aperitifs are all part of the Veneto group’s portfolio now, working under the brands Acqua Minerale San Benedetto, Primavera–Acque d’Italia, Acqua di Nepi, and Guizza.

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