The story began in Asti, in 1939, when Secondo “Pinin” Ercole had a brilliant idea, and decided to use surplus seasonal vegetable crops to make preserves to be consumed during the rest of the year. He and his wife founded the Società Anonima Commercio Lavorazione Alimentari, called simply Saclà. Initially production was local, but by the 1950s the number of consumers of Saclà vegetables in oil, pickles vegetables and olives was growing thanks to revolutionary family-size glass jars. There have been many innovations over the years, from the first twist- off cap to sachets of pitted olives. Then came the Acetelli, followed by long-life pasta condiments targeting for foreign markets. Still owned by the Ercole family, Saclà is a market leader and exports ready sauces to more than 40 countries. The wide range of products includes the brands Saclà, Gustitalia, Saclà Fresco, Almaverde Bio, and Dispensa di Lorenzo.

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