Roberto Castagner

One of the leading distilleries in Italy, still protecting tradition today, in an ideal blend with innovation in the plants at Visnà di Vazzola, in the province of Treviso at the foot of the Conegliano hills. Roberto Castagner has no ancestors, and represents his own first generation, producing grappa (also for large-scale distribution) with passion, respect for nature and intelligent entrepreneurship alongside his daughters and grandchildren, the latest addition to the business. An avant-garde spirit, excellent ingredients (fresh smoked single variety marc), copper stills alongside glass and gold, and experience as master distillers: these are the ingredients of the traditional line which includes various jewels like Fuoriclasse Leon (an extraordinary product in content and bottle shape) and the Collezione Capolavoro, Le Torbate, Le Millesimate, a line of spirits, drinks, vodkas, brandies and some wines.

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