There is the tang of the ocean in the story of this company, founded in 1898, when Luigi Rizzoli started to filet and package anchovies in Turin, a city on the ancient salt road. Luigi’s son Emanuele moved to Parma in 1906 and later generations have carried on the tradition from here. There are several lines of preserved foods: Classica, Le Selezioni, Le Riserve di Famiglia, Gli Artigiani del Mare, Il Faro di Bontà, all based on anchovy filets in various recipes, such as spicy sauce, natural, with lemon, chopped, with capers or with olives. The production chain is monitored and guaranteed, and pays attention to sustainable fishing. The motto of this company, one of the oldest in the sector, is “ante lucrum nomen”, included in the trademark to prove that for Rizzoli quality in the products and production process come first. Recently the company also offers the selection in organic extra virgin olive oil, the Oblò del mare line and regional tuna salads.

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