Riunione was established in 1988 and, thanks to the ability, professional skill and passion of its founders, the producer has been able to evolve over time into the successful national and international business that it is today. And their success is well-deserved. In addition to their attention to quality, they’ve managed to stay abreast of consumer needs, studying and researching products that are able to satisfy changing tastes and trends. Salmon is, of course, at the heart of their line of smoked fish, from wild Red King to Irish, Norwegian, Scottish and organic varieties. They also offer interesting and unusual varieties with seasoning, coriander, lemon and dill, sesame and poppies. They also have smoked tuna, swordfish, halibut, cod, trout, herring and mackerel. Their Nature line (not smoked) features thinly sliced fish carpaccio, tartar, cubes, pre-soaked baccalà cod, bottarga fish roe, squid ink, fish broth, sea urchin meat, crab meat and shrimp … There’s so much that it’s hard to choose.

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